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AngelinaPosted at 2016-09-11 13:55:06(75 wks ago)

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When you are posting in the forum or making a description for your torrent you can use BB-codes to make up your text. Above the box where you post your text or description in you can find the options you can use.

Instead of using the buttons, you can also type the BB-codes yourself. Also there are a number of extra BB-codes you can also use. Below are the bb-code that our site supports. Make sure to type all the BB-code in tiny letters and not in capitals or your text will not show.

To use the BB-code you will have to remove the space I used for showing the code as the text was not showing otherwise in this topic.
So [ b]text[ /b] has to be typed as [­b]text[­/b].­

WWT BB-codes:

Bold - [ b] [ /b] - To make bold style texting

Italic - [ i] [ /i] - To make italic style texting

Underline - [ u] [ /u] - To make underlined style texting

Blink - [ blink] [ /blink] - To make text blinking

Marquee - [ df] [ /df] - Text will run from left to right. It will show like below.....

Link - [ url=place link here] text [ /url] - To make text links

Image - [ img]place image link here [ /img] - Insert image link & it will insert your image into post/description

Email - [ email] place email here [ /email] - To Insert email address

Swf - [ swf] place link here [ /swf] - To present shockwave flash file

Code - [ code] text [ /code] - To write down few words or description into separate box

Quote - [ quote] text [ /quote] - It is forum thing mostly uses for reply to specific posts if you're anwsering specific  questions throw single post.   Quote can show up whom you talking to, same like Reply thing.  or you can quote anything into torrent description.

Audio - [ audio] link to audiofile [ /audio] - To present audio file

Video - [ video] link to youtube video [ /video] - To present youtube video

Align center - [ align=center] text [ /align] OR [ center] text [ /center] - To make description at center

Align left - [ align=left] text [ /align] - To make description at left

Align justify - [ align=justify] text [ /align] - To make description at justify

Align right - [ align=right] text [ /align] - To make description at right

Font - [ font=fontname] text [ /font] - Select the font style

Size - [ size=size] text [ /size] - To increase the text size, choose size 1 up to 7

Color - [ color=colorname] text [ /color] - Make colorful description if you want.

Spoiler - [ spoiler=text for spoiler] text you want to put in spoiler [ /spoiler]  OR [ spoiler] text you want to put in spoiler [ /spoiler]

click plus to open spoiler

Last edited by Angelina on 2017-04-15 17:29:08

bobpaPosted at 2016-09-11 14:26:59(75 wks ago)
Marijuana Aficionado

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Thank You for the codes Cindy, Appreciated, You Rock!:clap:tongue

cRAYzPosted at 2016-09-11 17:56:30(75 wks ago)
WWT Artist

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Thank You Cindy...

AngelinaPosted at 2016-12-24 12:35:29(60 wks ago)

Posts: 1461
Location: United Kingdom

A reminder.... If you type your bb-codes in capitals, they wont work on WWT, but will show a blank post.

AngelinaPosted at 2016-12-24 12:37:21(60 wks ago)

Posts: 1461
Location: United Kingdom

And if you want to post a youtube video, be sure to use the link with "watch" in it or the video won't work.

AngelinaPosted at 2017-01-16 19:41:47(57 wks ago)

Posts: 1461
Location: United Kingdom

Thread updated:
- center bb-code, now you can also use  [ center] text [ /center]
- spoiler bb-code, either with or without a text after the +.

zeke23Posted at 2017-08-17 15:43:21(26 wks ago)
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very helpful give it a read:smile

AuthenticVIPPosted at 2017-11-11 05:28:14(14 wks ago)

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Location: Canada

What are the restrictions in the use of BB Codes / Signatures please(?) and thank you(!)

Keka_UmansPosted at 2017-11-11 06:02:40(14 wks ago)
Head Banana in Charge

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AuthenticVIP wrote:

What are the restrictions in the use of BB Codes / Signatures please(?) and thank you(!)

Rules about signatures and avatars can be found here

ChelseaPosted at 2018-02-19 09:25:36(1 day ago)
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