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conradf1970Posted at 2018-02-12 16:38:30(6 days ago)

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I have to admit that I do. I have probably missed out a lot of good books over the years due to them having a crappy cover.
In my defence though I grew up in the 70's and was introduced to Conan through the Frazetta covers and my first introduction to Tarzan was the Ballantine books with the Neil Adams covers.
Jeff Jones was also a favourite of mine, particularly the lankhmar novels.
A lot of fantasy these days are just shitty photoshop images with the exceptions few and far between.
So what are your favourite book covers?

zeke23Posted at 2018-02-12 16:57:01(6 days ago)
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a good book should have a good cover and i do not upload books without covers unless i see something special

i9BatamanPosted at 2018-02-12 17:10:17(6 days ago)
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I think I must be a lot like you, conradf1970 - I grew up in that same time, and there was an absolutely humongous visual treat at the bookstores, looking at all of the amazing covers on the fantasy / sci-fi novels. That definitely led to a ton of my purchases growing up, but I got burned by that just as often, too  :laugh

Favorite book covers, way too many to list!!! It's almost asking what my favorite novels are.....

The 1973 edition of the Lord of the Rings trilogy were always awesome:

Likewise, the '80's version of the same were great:

Stephen Donaldson's 'Thomas Covenant' series:

Many, many more. Those Conan novels were always good, the Elric series had great covers many times over, David Eddings' books, and basically any of the Tor sci-fi books from the 60's through 80's always had spectacular covers. There's too much to consider  :nerd

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