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InvısıſanPosted at 2017-10-23 18:25:08(16 wks ago)

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This can be considered a companion piece to my explanation of CB*Formats  …
     There are quite a few EBook readers that provide basic CBR, CBZ reading as an afterthought — Moon+Reader, Ice Cream Ebook, FB2, μPDF, etc…  Most provide features aimed at primarily text-based ebooks or PDFs with minimal support for graphics and CB* type archives.
     There are library management systems which can “distribute” comics (like Caliber) and some (like Oobiquity or ComiCrack) that specialize in it (and may include readers of varying competence) or viewers (like YACReader) that have  powerful network & management components.
     For *N*X based systems there are Archive readers that treat most archive formats as a folder allowing you to read/navigate with any graphics viewer — essentially acting like a viewer, although technically they are much more generic.
     It gets complicated, and difficult to compare features — many are apples versus oranges or apple pie,  so this thread is only about the strictly standalone, full-featured, actively supported & up-to-date CB* viewers for each major platform (grouped by Desktop vs Mobile and ordered by popularity). I’ll mention other capabilities, and feel free to discuss them of course, and suggest additions to the list (please!) — I’d definitely like to hear what viewers and features everyone likes and why.
       These specifically & primarily CB* viewers are all current, supporting most modern formats of both graphics and archives (many also support PDF and even other document formats).  For the most part everything with a significant viewer is either a Windows version or  *N*X fork (BeOS, Amiga, riscOS, system9, Blackberry, etc. have no viewers 〔current or otherwise〕 that I’m aware of):

Windows:  Once considered the world’s preëminent computer platform, it has essentially given up on the desktop in a fairly hopeless struggle for a place in the mobile market — too little, far too late, although many developers are still locked in to developing for it; it’s the only non-*N*X platform worth any consideration.
    •  Sumatra:  
      Pros:   Portable, open source, reads many other formats as well (epub, mobi, pdf, djvu, xps, chm, etc…)
      Cons:   Only Windows.
    •  Honeyview:
      Pros:   Free. Portable. Supports nearly everything.
      Cons:   Only Windows.
      Info:   More of a universal generic image viewer, that can read from archives.
    •  YACReader:
      Pros:   Free. Supports everything current. Available for nearly all platforms (except Android which is in the works). Library management and networking module. Active Development.
    •  Gonvisor:
      Pros:   Portable, free, currently active and well supported
    •  CDisplayEx:
      Pros:   Free. Supports nearly everything current on Windows
      Cons:   Only Windows. Seems to be losing active support/development.
      Info:   The successor to the moribund CDisplay; has an option to use the first image in an archie as an icon/thumbnail for the file in explorer.
    •  Comicrack:
      Pros:   Free version; Supports nearly everything current on Windows
      Cons:   While it has versions for nearly everything, they require a connection to a Windows server for the bulk of their functionality (relies on the Microsoft .NET framework). Development is essentially dead (no active support).
      Info:   Like Windows itself, this has been a dominant player for a long time. It is heavily tied to the Windows platform; now showing it’s age.
Linux/BSD/MACOSX:  Apple gave up on their own OS after System9
    •  YACReader:  See the Windows version above — essentially the same.
    •  Gonvisor for WINE:   Essentially the same as Gonvisor for Windows
      Pros:   Tailored version specifically designed to run well under WINE.
      Cons:   Not truly native.

Android:  The new, biggest platform — an *N*X fork for mobile devices.
    •  PerfectViewer:
      Pros:   Free. Suports many formats (beyond CB* archives). Active support (likely to add new features before you think to ask). Also being able to turn pages with volume +/- is a great feature (IMO).
      Cons:   Android only.
      Info:   Donation version has a few nice feature, but nothing important – mostly worth getting to show support.
    •  Challenger:
      Pros:   Free. Active support.
      Cons:   Android only.
    •  Astonishing:
      Pros:   Free. Active support.
      Cons:   Android only.
      Info:   Astonishing Manga Reader is the same thing with Manga settings preset.
    •  ComicReader+:
      Pros:   Free. Up & coming viewer.
      Cons:   Android only.
iOS:  another *N*X fork adapted for mobile devices.
    •  YACReader 2.0 for iOS:
      Pros:    Essentially all the same features natively as the Windows version above.
      Cons:    A paid app ($2)
    •  Chunky:
      Pros:   Free. Active support.
      Cons:   Needs the paid “Pro” version ($5) for some features (and Pro doesn’t have half the functionality of YACReader despite costing more than twice as much)

Windows 10:  Windows version for mobile devices — MIcro$oft’s all-or-nothing attempt to grab a share of the mobile market; like Android it will run on a desktop, hence most desktop viewers for Windows will work, so I’ll only mention ones requiring it specifically.
      Pros:   Free. Supports nearly everything current
      Cons:   Only Windows 10.
      Info:   Worth a look if you’ve been forced to use M$
   Any changes. additions, corrections, etc.?  Please tell us what platforms you use, viewers you prefer and features you love/want/need when reading e-comics …

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thinwhitedukePosted at 2017-10-23 18:34:27(16 wks ago)

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Excellent Info Invisifan :clap :clap :clap

MafketelPosted at 2017-10-23 18:44:50(16 wks ago)
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Thank you for this great overview.

Keep them coming :clap

Stave2183Posted at 2017-10-23 19:13:51(16 wks ago)

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I  and my 15,000 issues sit with Comicrack, set up like this:
-Application running in my Win PC to manage the DB
-Library sitting on my Media Server
-Comicrack for Android on my smartphone, tablet and yogabook

It used to be a pain to sync over wi-fi with older android devices and older routers but with my latest router and latest android devices it's amazingly fast and none of the constant time outs i used to have.

Just wish it was more actively developed. Surely there's money to be made in it no?

SplatterbugPosted at 2017-11-05 01:27:16(15 wks ago)

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There's a relatively new comic reader for windows 10 in the windows app store called "Cover".

Pros:  Supports all formats. Uses Windows folder structure. Great on a windows tablet.

Cons: None that I can think of.

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InvısıſanPosted at 2017-11-05 07:12:33(15 wks ago)

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Splatterbug wrote:

There's a relatively new comic reader for windows 10 in the windows app store called "Cover".Pros:  Supports all formats. Uses Windows folder structure. Great on a windows tablet.Cons: None that I can think of.

I spoke to the developer a year or two back , but it was (I felt) too specific to include here, but …  I’ve updated the list above to include it, along with updating the formatting a bit to make seeing the list’s structure a bit easier (I hope).
The Con is that it is specific to Windows 10 which I’d never recommend to anyone. Oh well.

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miokPosted at 2017-11-06 14:36:09(14 wks ago)
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Nice thread Invisifan

SplatterbugPosted at 2017-11-08 03:18:24(14 wks ago)

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Invisifan wrote:

The Con is that it is specific to Windows 10 which I’d never recommend to anyone. Oh well.

Heh. Fair enough. It's a shame it hasn't been ported to other platforms. It's my favourite reader for instant import organisation (get your folder structure right and everything follows), and presentation of the library.

Also the IOS reader you listed as "Chubby", should that be "Chunky"?

"Comic Zeal" for IOS is still very good despite there being no support for years.

Last edited by Splatterbug on 2017-11-08 03:21:48

InvısıſanPosted at 2017-11-09 11:48:57(14 wks ago)

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Splatterbug wrote:

It's a shame it hasn't been ported to other platforms.

I don’t think it can happen without a complete re-write, it relies on Win10 features and format for most of its basic functions.


the IOS reader you listed as "Chubby", should that be "Chunky"?"

¢®@¶  you're correct …will fix right away …


Comic Zeal" for IOS is still very good despite there being no support for years.

As for CZ, that “no support for years” is a killer for me — I can’t recommend that; there are too many changes in base technology just in the last few years (and on iOS/MacOSX especially) …

Gene_StarwindPosted at 2017-12-12 09:08:42(9 wks ago)

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Android also has ComiCat. It's what I use. It's a paid app, but works beautifully.

mwsfanPosted at 2017-12-12 12:14:31(9 wks ago)
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I use Astonishing Comic Book Reader

evilelvis1978Posted at 2017-12-12 13:32:35(9 wks ago)

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I have windows, not sure if the app works on any other system, but I've tried about 10 different free apps and I LOVE this one called "comix". It holds all of my folders and individual issues(LOTS!) It makes it very easy to organize them. It also has super simple controls and I can scroll and turn page with arrow keys! I love scrolling with just the up/down keys.

AuthenticVIPPosted at 2018-01-06 04:00:11(6 wks ago)

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Great information as always Invisifan!  
Personally, I use CDisplayEX as my comic book viewer/reader in Windows Desktop 7/8/10.  I've tried some of the others, but this one seems to work best for me.  I will update when I check my iOS devices on what APPS I am using as lately I have been using a web site to do it that I will NOT mention here.
Again, thanks for the info!

CsabaxbPosted at 2018-02-03 15:02:40(2 wks ago)
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i9BatamanPosted at 2018-02-12 21:59:18(6 days ago)
the REAL Bataman!

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Another option that's not quite the same as just a local viewer, but great for the home network and even while away, is Ubooquity - set up a server on the local machine, ideally go to duckdns and set up a quick redirect, open some ports on one's router, view comics by visiting a page in your browser wherever you are. Handy for sure.

Local reading though, I'm still stuck on CDisplayEx, but willing to look at other options.... I don't need anything flashy, just a double-click on the comic and read.


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