Fort Wayne I-69


Study examines the cost-effectiveness of the proposed Intersate 69 highway in Southwest Indiana in fulfilling its stated purpose of stimulating economic development in four rural counties. More... (.pdf file) Public comments demand "reality check" on wasteful, destructive all-new I-69 More... (.pdf file) Deficient Legal Notice Regarding the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the I-69 Indianapolis to Evansville Project. More... (.pdf file) EPA issues clarification letter on additional route alternatives. More... (.pdf file) U.S. Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service comments on the Draft EIS praises Alternative 1, criticizes other alternatives. According to the government agency, "in light of its many environment (and cost) advantages, we recommend the FHWA and the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) consider removing Alternative 1 from the list of "non-preferred" alternatives and selecting it as their preferred alternative." More... (.pdf file) EPA Objects to Draft EIS (Note: highlighting added). More... (.pdf file) Majority of Bloomington City Council endorses I-70/US 41 Route. More... (.pdf file) Congresswoman Julia Carson tells INDOT to pick the I-70/US 41 alternative. More... (.pdf file) Terre Haute City Council resolution endorses I-70/US 41. More... (.pdf file) Fact Sheet demonstrates that the costs of INDOT's "preferred alternatives" far outweigh any benefits. More... (.pdf file) September 21, 2001 - A new report entitled THE UNTOLD STORY: Biased Purposes, Fictional Needs, Pre-Ordained Conclusions details major flaws in INDOT's environmental impact study process for I-69. Please contact John Moore by email or call him at 312.673.6500 if you have any questions or would like a paper copy of the report. A copy is also available for download here - these are pdf files The Untold Story Report - 1.4 Mb, The Untold Story (cover) - 168 Kb October 18, 2000 - A prominent economist finds that US 41 and I-70 makes the most sense for the I-69 route. September 20, 2000 - The Federal Highway Administration confirms that US 41 and I-70 is an acceptable route for I-69. (.pdf file) Smart Mobility Technical Analysis of INDOT's Draft EIS for I-69.