Fort Wayne I-69


We can build an Interstate 69 highway between Indianapolis and Evansville, right now. Without wasting taxpayers' money, without destroying our farmland and without years and years of more fighting about it. We can do it by choosing the fiscally and environmentally responsible US 41/I-70 route for I-69. US 41/I-70 is the common sense alternative to a wasteful, destructive and unpopular whole new highway for I-69. Building a whole new highway is the wrong plan for I-69 and is opposed by a broad cross-section of individuals and organizations. Major newspapers oppose it. So do taxpayers, conservation, farm and consumer groups. More than 120,000 Hoosiers have signed petitions against it. The controversial and unpopular all-new highway would: Waste taxpayers' money Damage our communities It's no wonder that NBC News branded the new-terrain I-69 as a "Fleecing of America." "I am asking, and recommending, that the process of going forward with plans for I-69 be halted or at least slowed down. The residents of Perry Township, White River Township, and Johnson County deserve more information from their governmental officials. Steamrollers are for construction and should not be used to suppress public opinion." Senator Lawrence W. Borst, D.V.M. (R-Greenwood) Chair, Senate Finance Committee (Click here for complete letter) There is a better way Upgrading US 41 to an interstate and connecting to Interstate 70 is the right plan for I-69. It's less expensive, it preserves Hoosier farmland, and local people along the route support it. That means US 41/I-70 can make I-69 a reality decades sooner than it would take to build a new interstate from scratch. And it's only 12 to 14 miles longer between Indianapolis and Evansville than a new highway would be. That's Hoosier common sense. Keep up to date! To receive regular e-mail updates, sign up for ELPC's I-69 email list. INDOT's planned interstate would bisect the Patoka National Wildlife Refuge in Pike County


Obviously, wedding limo events are huge business for limousine motorists. So are senior proms and graduations, which generally occur in May and June. So early summer season is peak season. Which means right now is off-season-- which can indicate discounts. If you have actually ever thought about splurging on a limo, here are some tips ...
1. A Fort Wayne Limo Rental makes a fine holiday gift

I as soon as rented a limousine for my wife, her two sisters, her niece, and her sister-in-law so they could get a massage at a local spa-- it was my Christmas present for all of them. While it had not been affordable, once I subtracted what I would've invested in specific gifts, it had not been a monetary bloodbath either-- $400 for the limousine, and $300 for the medspa. That's $140 per woman. And they spoke about it right through the next Christmas.

It would've worked, however he had actually moved by that time. Still, I took his advice and reserved a limousine for an unique celebration I produced, rather of a wedding event or senior prom. Sam constantly stated the most pleased riders he ever drove were those who were amazed to see a limousine pull up to their doorstep-- or discovered they were riding in a limousine just hours or often minutes in advance.
2. Travel on a weekday with Fort Wayne Limo

Weekends for limousine drivers are like weekdays to us. Sam's weekends were mainly Mondays and Tuesdays, unless rich individuals were flying into town for performances or other special events. Often he had convention clients who can be found in on Wednesdays, but as a sole proprietor (instead of driving for a business), he would provide deep discounts for weekday work.
3. Travel with five pals

A lot of limousine services charge by vehicle, not by individual. And they offer six-passenger, eight-passenger, and/or 10-passenger vehicles. Given that the six-passenger automobiles are less expensive, you'll get the most for your money by filling among those. You may also score some offers if you recommend you don't mind an older automobile if it suggests conserving money-- as long as it's in great condition. (See listed below for looking at that.).

When I called numerous limousine places for my better half's Christmas present, some aimed to encourage me into leasing a Hummer limousine, or an "extra-stretch" limo. I knew the costs would escalate, so I didn't even let them estimate me a cost. A limo ride is unique enough. I don't need to double the price. Speaking of ...

4. The rate is not the cost.

When you reserve an air travel, you're not charged for the aviation fuel. But when you lease a limousine, you spend for the fuel. That's why, when you call to reserve your limousine, you'll be asked, "Where exactly do you wan na go?" The limo service will approximate the miles and roll the fuel fee into its price quote.

Also anticipate to shell out for any parking and road tolls. Then there's the gratuity for the driver, which is also consisted of in your quote. However ensure you clearly ask, "Does that rate include everything?" Credible services or sole owners will be very clear about all their fees. Mentioning ...
5. Try to find signs of problem.

According to the USA Limo Guide, "The law needs all limousine rental companies to organize for appropriate personal hire insurance." However "some business avert guaranteeing their vehicles and passengers as its a costly overhead.".

And, obviously, the chauffeurs need to have driver's licenses. Request for evidence of both. Other omens ...

Prevent a limousine company that needs more than a 50 percent deposit. For my wife's present, one company demanded full payment in advance. I said thanks-but-no-thanks and hung up. U.S.A Limousine Guide states, "Typically, a deposit of 20-50 percent of the overall rental fee is required by credit or debit card.".  Airport Limo
Sam constantly insisted I inquire about this rip-off: The limousine shows up, and in the back are bottles of inexpensive champagne in ice buckets constructed into the traveler location-- and you're billed $50 per bottle. So I constantly ask if the limousine comes "iced" (that's the terminology, apparently) and I can bring my own bottles. The answer has constantly been, "Sure, you can put whatever's legal in the coolers.".
Due to the fact that limos are unnecessary luxuries, it's fairly common for clients to have a look at the automobiles before making a deposit. A trusted limousine company will be thankful to have you stop by to check its fleet-- and pass exactly what Sam constantly called "the look and scent test." That's right, smell. I'll spare you the details, but Sam stated the worst part of being a limousine motorist was tidying up the back seats after a club-hopping leasing. You want to make sure you're not spending for the residues of another person's great time.

6. Negotiate more than price.

If you browse a meta-site for finding limousines in your location-- you'll see something intriguing. Many limousine business charge roughly the exact same per hour rate. The huge distinctions? What kind of car you want and all the extras.

Prior to you call a limo business, e-mail first and see exactly what they provide. In fact, email several. That's exactly what I did-- it was a lot easier than calling a half-dozen locations. While the rates came back all within a $50 variety, the perks and alternatives are exactly what made the difference in my decision.

For example, yesterday I emailed  Limo in Fort Wayne and asked about rates for a night on the town next week. I got a reply within the hour-- and a great deal of alternatives. Did I want a white Hummer or a black-and-silver Bentley? Did I want to utilize a promo code for a "new 12-passenger limo for six hours"? Did I want grapes and crackers for $39 or non reusable cams for $10 each?

Of course, being economically penny-wise and not at all over the top, when I leased that limo for my partner, I requested for the cleanest, oldest design that seated 6. And I demanded no bonus, liking to equip the limousine myself for less.

But here's a more current example of making use of all this suggestions ...

Today I called Feel Good Limo outside Fort Wayne, Indiana., to ask for a car for next Thursday night for five hours. An extremely positive lady estimated me a six-passenger vehicle for five hours of bar-hopping at $295-- but that didn't include gas and driver gratuity. With those included, the damage was $404. And I was allowed to bring my own bottles of alcohol to put in the iced-down coolers inside.

So that's less than $81 an hour for me and 5 friends to tool around Scranton. While that's not the least expensive night out-- in Fort Wayne or lots of other locations-- it's an economical splurge and can amount to an unforgettable experience. So when the time is right, try it some time.